Digitize Physical Mail for Your Members

Member Mail Drop

Member Mail Drop is a WordPress plugin primarily crafted to digitize physical mail for your members, converting it into an easily accessible virtual format. It streamlines email management, enabling bulk sending, delivery tracking, and user email list organization and much more!

Transform Your Email Experience

Member Mail Drop is not just an email plugin; it’s a transformational tool that elevates your entire email experience. With features tailored for both admins and users, this plugin redefines the way you manage emails, making it more efficient, organized, and convenient.


Enhance Your Email Communications

Member Mail Drop provides you with the means to take charge of your email communications. Whether you’re an administrator overseeing operations or an end-user managing your messages

Why Member Mail Drop? is Indispensable for Your Membership Business

Member Mail Drop Features

Features for Admins

Easily send emails to multiple users in one go, simplifying group communication.

Stay organized with a comprehensive list of emails sent to users, ensuring you never lose track of your communication.

Send emails with attachments effortlessly, benefitting from automatic image compression and the option to send attachments as a zip file, making your emails more efficient.

Keep your inbox organized by adding and managing email folders, ensuring quick access to important messages.

Enable users to respond to your emails, fostering open and interactive communication.

Notify users about new emails on their external email accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo, to ensure prompt communication.

Send targeted messages to individual users or specific user roles, tailoring your communication to their needs.

Implement a scanning feature, which enhances your email management by allowing you to scan and organize your communications efficiently.

Features for Users

Easily mark important emails as favorites or starred for quick access.

Prioritize your inbox by marking emails as important, ensuring you don’t miss crucial messages.

Keep your inbox clutter-free by deleting unnecessary emails.

Keep track of your read messages by marking emails as open.

Send emails to your external email accounts with attachments, making sharing information seamless.

Download all attachments in a zip file for your convenience.

Selectively download individual attachments as needed.

Respond to emails directly from your WordPress dashboard, making communication more straightforward.

Organize your emails efficiently by viewing email folders, helping you navigate your inbox with ease.

Benefits of Using Member Mail Drop

Simplify your email management, boost your productivity, and enhance your communication with Member Mail Drop.

Save time and effort

Member Mail Drop WordPress Plugin can save you a lot of time and effort by automating the process of sending and managing emails to your users.

Improve communication

This plugin can help you improve communication with your users by allowing you to send them targeted emails on a regular basis.

Build relationships

This plugin can help you build relationships with your users by allowing you to send them personalized emails.

Effortlessly manage email folders

Easily organize your emails into folders, ensuring your inbox stays neat and accessible.

Enhance email deliverability

Improve email deliverability by compressing image attachments and sending emails with attachments as a zip file.

Give users more control

Empower your users with greater control over their emails, making their email experience more flexible and efficient.

Get started today

Integrate Member Mail Drop into your membership business to modernize the way your members receive and interact with their mail. With Member Mail Drop, the future of mail and email management is not only digital but also more accessible, secure, and member-centric.